The Creator & the Brand

Le Temps d'une Walima is not a simple story of jewelry but it is a beautiful story of love and transmission.

Hafida, the creator of the Le Temps D'une Walima brand, has always been passionate about fashion thanks to her mother who loved brooches. Very manual but at the same time a great lover of reading, she spent many years studying economics at the prestigious University of La Sorbonne in Paris. During her studies she did not abandon her love of Fashion and in parallel she worked 7 years for a prestigious brand of French Lingerie as a Visual Merchandiser, then freshly graduated as a Strategy Consultant.

It was pregnant with her first child that Hafida decided to put an end to her career as a consultant to devote herself to her first love: fashion and more precisely jewellery: since a meeting with a jewelery designer sounded the beginning of the Mark. Self-taught and passionate about creation and new techniques, it is in her workshop in Greater Paris that she creates each head ornament, headband and jewel, by hand, in an artisanal way thanks to entirely created techniques of bead weaving, creation and new techniques combining sewing, embroidery and jewelry. It is also in her workshop that she transmits her know-how to her apprentices.

From her Oriental and vintage style, imbued with Ottoman and Oriental inspirations, Hafida reveals her universe to us every day through her range of head ornaments, jewelry and accessories which are available in a wedding range but also in a more casual range.

She entirely imagines her jewels, creates her collections, and is passionate about finding finishes that will give all their originality and finesse to the jewel, to create patterns... Inspired by the encounter between the East and the West and by its various trips, Hafida sublimates and makes women shine through her creations. Be unique for a Walima*.

The particularity of the designer is that she hunts for some of her materials from major brands or old stock of vintage primers to give them a second life. This ethic is important for the designer who attaches importance to ecology but also in the use of materials. Her vision of creation is part of an ecological approach to upcycling.

Its leitmotif, sublimate jewelry and give it a second life by inventing unique concepts to transform head jewelry into a belt, for example, and by offering rental services for artistic pieces or workshops to bring old jewelry back to life. .

Le Temps D'une Walima is also a unique brand with an evocative name. Walima comes from the Arabic word "Walim" which means union, a mark that unites East and West. The word Walima is also commonly used in Asia Minor and designates the party organized on the occasion of a wedding or any other happy event. Le Temps D'une Walima wants to be the representative brand of Oriental Chic, the alliance of oriental and vintage style, but with a touch of modernity.

The brand offers a vast wedding collection with a wide variety of head jewelry characteristic of oriental weddings, a casual range imbued with vintage oriental touches but also a tailor-made creation service for future brides, actresses...
Hafida wanted to create an original brand with sweet oriental notes, made in France, and remains very attached to the closeness it maintains with its customers. She takes her time to accompany them in the choice of jewelry and advise them when creating custom pieces.

Far from chain production methods, the brand, which has existed since 2015, creates collections of unique pieces and very limited editions: a brand that is part of the slow fashion movement.

Want to discover his universe? You can find her the designer on social networks and at the Showroom by appointment.