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Le Temps d'une Walima counts its existence for five beautiful years of creation, inspiration and ambition.
Behind the jewels of Le Temps d'une Walima, hides a gentle aspiration for a social and environmental impact. An alliance between creation and influence, for a beautiful and conscientious society.
The ambition to create quality jewelry while aiming for noble goals is what Le Temps d'un Walima fulfills through numerous objectives achieved.
Since our genesis, we were the only actors in the creation of our jewelry. For our eco-designed casual range, we use beads from unsold stock. Quality pearls from the Swarovski brand, whose ecological charter insists on the absence of lead in the majority of their products, and which reflect the desire of our jewelery to respect environmental codes.
Today we have grown.
Beyond our environmental ambitions, we also delegate certain stages of the creation of our jewelry. After a training of more than six months that we directed in an ESAT center (Establishment and service of assistance through work), we collaborate with workers with disabilities (on drilling and weaving with brass wire sourced in France in particular), allowing them to work more meticulously and creatively.
And even if we have grown, we continue to support our local suppliers and partners, to favor short circuits and French know-how.
In order to share our passion for jewelry with you and why not to pass it on to generations, we also offer DIY workshops, during which you can indulge in the creation of jewelry and let your imagination and your personal tastes speak.
In our Showroom, we offer workshops for all audiences, mother-daughter workshops or even EVJF (Bachelor Party) workshops around a tailor-made Tea time.
Le Temps d'une Walima is a collection of handmade jewelry for the world, made in Paris with all our love.

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