The organization of the wedding


We all think about it at some point in our lives. If you're not thinking about it yet, it won't take long to happen and even if you've already experienced it, you're still thinking about it!

"What I can do or not do", or "what I could have done or not done", planning a wedding is almost never perfect.

It is necessary, apart from finding an agreement between the multitude of proposals that you and the loved one share, to make budget concessions, to find the restaurant which could titillate your taste buds and welcome all your guests, the decoration which goes with your theme … And this, among a mass of choices to make you dizzy.

That's when you say to yourself, “Where do I start? ". And this is also where it is difficult to find the right position to take the bull by its horns.

But do not panic, this article is for you. If you are thinking about your wedding, if you are just starting the organization or even if you have already gone through this box, this article will give you ideas beforehand, help you clarify your project or even lead you to why not, organize more perfectly the celebration of your silver wedding anniversary.

Without further ado, here are the three key steps that will help you see better in the organization of your wedding.

First step : The date

It is essential to know on what date you will celebrate your wedding because the number of guests, the reception hall (open air or closed), your dress… everything will depend on the season in which you decide to celebrate your wedding.

It should also be taken into account that some reception rooms are booked more or less 1 year in advance! It is therefore essential to go about it as soon as possible when choosing the date of celebration of the marriage.

Second step: The guests

Here we go a little more into the heart of the matter. For the celebration of her wedding, we obviously cannot invite all the people who come to mind. Yes, because each guest is part of the budget that we will develop later. You are then invited to take a sheet and sort the guests from most to least important. It's cruel but it is necessary to know who deserves the most to attend the most beautiful day of your life.

And it is even from this moment that you can assign the roles of each (bridesmaids, witnesses, groomsmen, etc.)

Third step: The budget

Determining the financing of one's marriage is the essential step by which one cannot escape. For any project, if the budget is not determined in advance, it is quite possible that you will get tangled up and make big concessions where you did not expect it. Which would necessarily make your project imperfect in your eyes.

You have to save up front to have the budget you want.

// Little tip that doesn't hurt: always plan a little more than expected, in which case you can add a few details that you think of during the organization // To help you clarify all the providers and other services you will need need, here is a non-exhaustive list of everything that must be included in the preparation of the budget: Restaurant, reception hall, caterer, DJ, florist, wedding-planner, photographer, videographer, pastry chef for the wedding dress, groom's suit, announcements, gifts for guests.

When you choose your service providers, ask them for quotes and establish your budget according to the prices communicated.

Do not hesitate to compare several providers, do not necessarily stop on the first one that you like. Your happiness can be found elsewhere and for a more affordable price.

After going through these three key stages, you have cleared the way for your wedding planning and all you have to do is let yourself be carried along by the flow of things and enjoy every moment of the development of your big day. L arranging the wedding is also part of the wedding itself, so don't stress and take the time to create memorable and happy memories that you will share with your loved ones in the future.

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