A unique jewel for a unique day

Welcome to our wedding blog: the blog of my wedding jewelry brand.

The wedding blog will cover everything a future bride needs to know. With my experience of more than 7 years in the wedding universe, we will deal with various and varied themes such as the choice of caterer or guest gifts, the choice of her veil or her jewelry and accessories. I have always loved writing, so this blog will allow me to share my other passion with you. We will also talk about the brand, the products and services that Le Temps d'une Walima offers you, discovery articles from other service providers in the wedding world and our news: including the famous jewelry creation workshops

wedding jewelry

Our leitmotif: a unique jewel for a unique day.

"You have to take advantage of the beautiful things in this world, a jewel deserves to be worn more than once" it's rocked since childhood by this quote from the book The 4 girls of Dr. March" that I decided to create jewels, certainly for a unique day, but which by various systems of closures and complementary accessories allow them to be carried over. unique jewels or created in limited edition in order to preserve the art of handmade and artisanal production.

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