How our wedding jewelry is made -Part 1

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well?

Today we are going to talk about an important subject for you dear future brides: The creative process of the brand in the manufacture of your wedding jewelry.

When I talk about the brand I talk about myself as if we were a whole team (my dream) but I often talk about myself in the 1st person plural: no, no I'm not a Gullum-style skizo although my creations are often my precious.

People often ask me how I create, how I created the brand, and lots of other super important things that make future brides absolutely want to have a brand piece.

As you know, I am completely self-taught, having a scientific and economic background, nothing predestined me for this career as a designer, although I spent my days drawing since I was 6 years old.

I do not create logically: in the sense that I will have to draw then create like the background all the brands with their designer, for my part I work on instinct: I seek the very essence of jewelry: a stone, a gilding, a pattern, a knit, a fabric and it is from this raw material that 1001 ideas come together, to my great dismay the days only last 24 hours so I cannot create everything. This is also why I create ultra-limited edition pieces and why I would like to be resold at the spring wedding but under a totally different concept: that of slow fashion: offered unique pieces to brides because after all our slogan for years has been: a unique jewel for a unique day.

So if one of you is a spring wedding buyer or has knowledge taking care of the purchase within the latter, you know where to find me ūüėČ

Finally, recently, I draw before to launch the bases of creation, in fact, the brand now uses a welding workshop which creates molds and support for us but they need a drawing, so here I am pencil in hand in drawing but drawing a creation that I created according to the same process as described above: we always keep the artistic note that makes the little extra of the brand.

Sincerely writing this article I have this little voice that says to me ‚Äúhey Hafida and if you sent an email to the spring wedding‚ÄĚ then cap or not cap in your opinion?

Take good care of yourself and see you soon for another article



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