How to choose your wedding head jewel

The Art of choosing your head jewel

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Crowns, tiaras, forehead jewels, combs, brooches...How to choose your head jewel for your wedding dress.
As I always say to my clients, "show me your wedding dress and I'll tell you who you are" . The dress is a reflection of your personality, and so are the accessories.
The head jewel is classified into two main categories: the jewel that is placed at the front and the one that is placed at the back of the hair.
In the first category we will find: the forehead jewel, tiara, crown, and brooch, and in the second category the combs, brooches, hair vines and other hair ornaments
In order to make the right choice of hair jewelry, you must create harmony between your dress, hairstyle, style, facial morphology and silhouette and the other jewelry that will accompany your dress.
For an oriental Lebanese style, we will opt for a brooch like the Bohemian model, or a very worked and flat hair jewel like the Cinderella model in crystal rhinestones.
For a princely style, and imposing a rhinestone crown.
For a bohemian style, the headband, the hair vine or flower crowns as well as the comb are a good alternative.
The forehead jewel is also making a strong comeback and dresses the face in la dolce vita.
The details are important in your head ornament, I always like to match a jewel to the details of the dress, pearls, a flower, take up a pattern .... this is the advantage of the tailor-made creation service and everything is played out in detail.
This article could go on for pages, but I will detail the art of choosing your wedding hair jewelry in a series of dedicated articles.
If you need advice leave me a comment or send me an email I will be happy to answer it.

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